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Sugar consumption amongst children

Accroding to Public Health England (PHE) children have already exceeded the maximum recommended sugar intake for an 18 year old by the time they are 10 years old.

They say that although there has been a recent decline in the amount of sugar children intake, they are still consuming around 8 excess sugar cubes each day, or put another way, around 2,800 excess sugar cubes per year.

This figures have been released as a part of a new Change4Life campaign that launched in January. The campaign aims to support families to cut back on the amount of sugar they intake and to help tackle continues rising rates of childhood obesity.

So what steps can parents make to help reduce the amount of sugar their children are ingesting?

Here is three top tips from Public Health England:

  • Swapping a higher-sugar yoghurt (for example split-pot) for a lower sugar one, to halve their sugar intake from 6 cubes of sugar to 3
  • Swapping a sugary juice drink for a no-added sugar juice drink, to cut back from 2 cubes to half a cube
  • Swapping a higher-sugar breakfast cereal (such as a frosted or chocolate cereal) for a lower sugar cereal, to cut back from 3 cubes to half a cube per bowl

Making these types of changes to your childs diet every day could remove around 2,500 excess sugar cubes per year from your child’s diet. 

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